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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to make it easy for businesses, individuals, and freelancers to build their financial relationships on the social network. We want to make micro payments and large payments possible without the hassle. Our system is akin to checks. Just like Bitcoin is cash we make it possible for you to send a check to anyone in the world at a much lower transaction fee than Bitcoin, and to do it lightning fast with fewer steps of communication. We also plan to make much of our infrastructure available to other small businesses simplifying Bitcoin monetization efforts.

What we will aim to do

The first and primary service is a tipping bot for many small and large websites.

Larger sites have tipping systems on them. It's time to take care of the rest.

The second is we hope to export the functionality of our deposit system. We aim to be a replacement to Bitpay.

There are two critical differences.

Bitpay charges a commission on every transaction. This means you have to charge your Bitcoin customers more than you would your other customers. Bitpay also uses a biased conversion rates, charging your customers more than they admit.

This means your customers can pay up to 15% more for the same product. That is value you could recoup yourself.

Second is that Bitpay converts Bitcoin into USD and places it in your bank account.

This may be a benefit for some but it also means you don't have control over the conversion rate which in Bitcoin maters a great deal. Businesses are meant to be on the winning side of exchange advantage and not the loosing side.

Instead we only deal in information, and charge for information.

You use our api to tell us what Bitcoin addresses you own and what accounts they are associated with and we communicate the data you need solving as much of the logic for an account system as can be done for you. We will both update you asynchronously with JSONP and make the same data available for back reference. The amount of logic you want us to be responsible for is up to you. If all you want is payment confirmation when and only when it's ready that data is available.

Systems We Will Target

We hope to one day target all social networks. We know this is not yet possible. We already have our eyes on these systems:

Quitter / GNU Social / instances

Any sytem that is publicly parsable is an immediate plausibility.

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